SM Collector 7


Sanwa has started a new magazine under the name SM Collector (a famous now defunct magazine from the “Golden Age”).

SM Collector is a new magazine published by Sanwa in the tradition of older SM periodicals, most of which have disappeared from Japanese publishing.  The magazine includes extensive photo shoots, as well as a DVD containing hours of video, featuring segments from longer videos as well as full length video features.  The videos and photo shoots feature the top rope artists currently working in Japan (usually in Tokyo) and provide a great amount of information about current techniques, aesthetics, and trends happening in the world of Japanese erotic rope bondage.

SM Collector is one of the very few remaining print Japanese Rope Bondage magazines in Japan.  Published by Sanwa, it provides insight into the latest styles of ties and SM play in Japan.  A great way to keep up with recent developments and gain a better understanding of the Japanese subculture of rope bondage and SM play.

This come with a full length DVD as well. Very interesting magazine and a great chance to own issue #7. Includes a 5 hour DVD featuring top bakushi.

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