New Videos: Akechi Denki and Tsubaki Kanda

I have just come across two amazing videos featuring Akechi Denki and Tsubaki Kanda.  Most people familiar with kinbaku will know Akechi Denki’s name, but Tsubaki Kanda is also very well known in Japan, both as a bondage model and as a author and performer.  Tsubaki Kanda worked early on as a model for Nureki Chimuo’s famed Kinbiken workshops and would continue her modeling work with Chiaki Kano and with Hajime Kinoko’s group Ichinawakai.  Most recently (2012) she was special guest at Akira Naka’s rope salon in Roppongi.

These videos are really fantastic, showing beginning to end how Akechi Denki would create a scene, both with rope and SM play, in the style of a true Japanese kinbakushi.

A few copies of the video are available: Akechi Denki: Woman Who Wants to be Tied and Akechi Denki: Woman Who Wants to be Tied Vol 2.  These videos were not produced in high numbers and are no longer being sold.