Shibari Books: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

During my latest trip to Tokyo, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Akira Naka to discuss, among other things, how books and videos are produced and sold in Japan.  I told him about the popularity of one of his books, of which I had sold about two dozen copies.  At the moment, the book has become very hard to find.

The book in question was shot by the famed kinbaku photographer Sugiura Norio with rope by Naka san.  It is distributed by Sanwa, one of the largest SM publishing companies in Japan.  The book is only a year old and already out of print.

Much to my amazement, Naka san picked up the phone and called Sanwa directly to inquire about additional copies.  He didn’t have any luck either.

The volume at which SM books and videos are being produced means there is a very short shelf life or window of opportunity to get them.  Videos and books only stay available until the print run sells out and they are onto the next product.  That doesn’t mean they will not show up again.  Sanwa may decide to do another run if an item is popular.  Someone may find an unopened box in the stock room.  You never know.

After being impossible to find for almost a year, the Akechi Denki book Pleasure and a Little Pain suddenly showed up again.

But at the moment, it looks like the book in question is “sold out” for good.

Today’s moral:  If you like what you see, grab it while you can.  You never know when it will be gone for good.