Learning to Tie: Two books by Masato Marai

maraicoverMasato Marai began his career in kinbaku writing for Japanese SM magazines in the 1970s. Later he would go on to work as an assistant to the legendary kinbakushi Nureki Chimuo and photographer Suguira Norio.  During the 1980s, Marai succeeded Nureki as the principal kinbakushi for Sanwa Publishing.

He would later edit two of Sanwa’s most popular magazines.

In addition to serving as bakushi for the recent “Villainous Nawashi” series of books, Marai is best known for his series of instructional volumes, which range from beginner guides to advanced topics.

These two volumes are geared toward intermediate to advanced students and provide both textual instruction as well as video which show step by step how to tie a wide variety of techniques and positions.

These books are a great way to learn from one of Japan’s top rope masters.

marai2-1Both volumes are currently in stock.

Highly recommended for those just learning as well as for more advanced rope students looking for ways to improve and develop their technique.