Two Amazing Finds!

kinbakubierosShopping for books is a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes the title and cover looks fantastic and when the book arrives, it is filled with nothing but glamour and beauty shot (all the rope was on the cover). But other times, you stumble across a gem.

I uncovered two such gems recently in the form of Kinbakubi Eros and Beautiful Bondage Mania. These are quite a bit older than most of what I come across for photo books, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But once I opened each, I was amazed to find stunning images by two of the great modern grandmasters of kinbaku, doing amazing work almost 30 years ago!

The two volumes also provide an amazing contrast. The first, Kinbakubi Eros, is Nureki’s work focused on very tight ties, suspensions, and hard, strict bondage that is very much his signature. In contrast, Beautiful Bondage Mania, showcases Yukimura working in a much softer, more artistic style.

yoshibakumania1As a story of contrasts, these two books provide a glimpse into a moment in the development of rope in Japan as well as two collections of superior rope and photography.